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Submission enquiries, recommendations for review topics and all other questions should be directed to the Editorial Office at jmsa@hrbeu.edu.cn

Editorial Office

Journal of Marine Science and Application

Room 707, 1st Building, 145 Nantong Street, Harbin 150001, China

Tel (Fax): +86-451-82589211

Home page: http://jmsa.hrbeu.edu.cn

Submission website: https://mc03.manuscriptcentral.com/jmsa

E-mail: jmsa@hrbeu.edu.cn

地 址:黑龙江省哈尔滨市南通大街145号1号楼707室《船舶与海洋工程学报》编辑部

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邮 箱:jmsa@hrbeu.edu.cn

Editorial Staff


Ruobing Xu (徐若冰)

Tel: +86-451-82569689

E-mail: jmsa@hrbeu.edu.cn

Managing Editor

Yuming Liu (刘玉明)

Tel: +86-451-82589211

E-mail: liuyuming@hrbeu.edu.cn

Publishing Editor

Xiaobing Zhang (张笑冰)

Tel: +86-451-82589211

E-mail: zhangxiaobing@hrbeu.edu.cn

Yan Zhang (张妍)

Tel: +86-451-82589211

E-mail: zhangyanheu@126.com