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 R. Ashok,S. R. Manam.Oblique Wave Scattering Problems Involving Vertical Porous Membranes[J].Journal of Marine Science and Application,2022,(1):51-66.[doi:10.1007/s11804-022-00255-0]
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Oblique Wave Scattering Problems Involving Vertical Porous Membranes


Oblique Wave Scattering Problems Involving Vertical Porous Membranes
R. Ashok S. R. Manam
R. Ashok S. R. Manam
Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai 600036, India
Free surface gravity wavesReflection coefficientSingular integral equationGalerkin approximationLinear wavesVertical porous membrane barrier
Oblique surface waves incident on a fixed vertical porous membrane of various geometric configurations is analyzed here. The mixed boundary value problem is modified into easily resolvable problems by using a connection. These problems are reduced to that of solving a couple of integral equations. These integral equations are solved by a one-term or a two-term Galerkin method. The method involves a basis functions consists of simple polynomials multiplied with a suitable weight functions induced by the barrier. Coefficient of reflection and total wave energy are numerically evaluated and analyzed against various wave parameters. Enhanced reflection is found for all the four barrier configurations.


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Received date: 2021-09-29;Accepted date: 2022-02-19。
Corresponding author:R. Ashok,E-mail:ashokkumaraswin@gmail.com
Last Update: 2022-04-22