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 Peng Jia,Zhehua Zhang,Xiangyu Wang,et al.Design and Experimental Investigation for Subsea Control Module Test System[J].Journal of Marine Science and Application,2020,(3):453-464.[doi:10.1007/s11804-020-00158-y]
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Design and Experimental Investigation for Subsea Control Module Test System


Design and Experimental Investigation for Subsea Control Module Test System
Peng Jia Zhehua Zhang Xiangyu Wang Feihong Yun Honghai Wang Gang Wang
Peng Jia Zhehua Zhang Xiangyu Wang Feihong Yun Honghai Wang Gang Wang
College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Harbin Engineering University, Harbin 150001, China
Subsea control moduleTesting deviceHydraulic systemElectronic control systemExperimental research
As a core part of subsea production systems, subsea control modules (SCMs) are costly, difficult, and expensive to install and inconvenient to use in underwater maintenance. Therefore, performance and function tests must be carried out before launching SCMs. This study developed a testing device and an SCM test by investigating SCMs and their underwater. The testing device includes four parts:a hydraulic station, an SCM test stand, a signal generating device, and an electronic test unit. First, the basic indices of the testing device were determined from the performance and working parameters of the SCM. Second, the design scheme of the testing device for the SCM was tentatively proposed, and each testing device was designed. Finally, a practical measurement of the SCM, in combination with the hydraulic station, SCM test stand, signal generator, electronic unit, and highpressure water tank, was carried out according to the test requirements. The measurement mainly involved equipment inspection before testing and an experimental test for the SCM. The validity and feasibility of the testing device and method were simultaneously verified through an association test.


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Received date:2019-11-10;Accepted date:2020-03-07。
Foundation item:This study was supported by the National Key R&D Program of China (2018YFC0310500), High-Tech Ship Research Projects sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (2018GXB01) and Yantai City school land integration development project (2019XDRHXMPT29):research and development and test platform of underwater production system.
Corresponding author:Peng Jia,13633605161@139.com
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