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 Wei Deng and Duanfeng Han.Study on Simulation of Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle Spatial Motion[J].Journal of Marine Science and Application,2013,(4):445-451.[doi:10.1007/s11804-013-1215-9]
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Study on Simulation of Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle Spatial Motion


Study on Simulation of Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle Spatial Motion
Wei Deng and Duanfeng Han
Wei Deng and Duanfeng Han
College of Shipbuilding and Ocean Engineering, Harbin Engineering University, Harbin 150001, China
remotely operated underwater vehicle motion mathematic model spatial motion simulation hydrodynamics Taylor series spatial maneuverability
In order to analyze the spatial maneuverability of the remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV), the 6-DOF motion mathematic model of the ROV was founded. Hydrodynamics were analyzed by using the Taylor series. The thrusters on the ROV were discussed. This paper considers three cases of motion simulation: vertical motion, rotational motion and Z-shape motion. A series of simulation experiments showed that the 6-DOF motion mathematic model was correct and reliable, and also fit with the scene simulation.


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