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 Jø,rgen Dokken,John Grue,et al.Wave Analysis of Porous Geometry with Linear Resistance Law[J].Journal of Marine Science and Application,2017,(4):480-489.[doi:10.1007/s11804-017-1438-2]
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Wave Analysis of Porous Geometry with Linear Resistance Law


Wave Analysis of Porous Geometry with Linear Resistance Law
Jørgen Dokken John Grue Lars Petter Karstensen
Jørgen Dokken John Grue Lars Petter Karstensen
Mechanics Division, Department of Mathematics, University of Oslo, Oslo 0316, Norway
wave analysisfish cagesmean drift forcewave exciting forceadded massdamping
The wave diffraction-radiation problem of a porous geometry of arbitrary shape located in the free surface of a fluid is formulated by a set of integral equations,assuming a linear resistance law at the geometry. The linear forces, the energy relation and the mean horizontal drift force are evaluated for non-porous and porous geometries. A geometry of large porosity has an almost vanishing added mass. The exciting forces are a factor of 5-20 smaller compared to a solid geometry. In the long wave regime, the porous geometry significantly enhances both the damping and the mean drift force, where the latter grows linearly with the wavenumber. The calculated mean drift force on a porous hemisphere and a vertical truncated cylinder, relevant to the construction of fish cages, is compared to available published results.


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Received date:2016-12-28;Accepted date:2017-05-06。
Corresponding author:John Grue,Email:johng@math.uio.no
Last Update: 2017-12-02