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 Mounia Ticherfatine,Qidan Zhu.Fast Ferry Smoothing Motion via Intelligent PD Controller[J].Journal of Marine Science and Application,2018,(2):273-279.[doi:10.1007/s11804-018-0024-6]
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Fast Ferry Smoothing Motion via Intelligent PD Controller


Fast Ferry Smoothing Motion via Intelligent PD Controller
Mounia Ticherfatine Qidan Zhu
Mounia Ticherfatine Qidan Zhu
College of Automation, Harbin Engineering University, Harbin 150001, China
Model-free controlIntelligent PDPitch motionShip controlT-foilSmoothing motion
A novel type of control law was adopted to reduce the vertical acceleration of a fast ferry as well as the motion sickness incidence suffered by the passengers onboard by means of a submerged T-foil. Considering the system changing characteristics under high disturbances, a model-free approach was adopted. In addition, an upgraded proportional-derivative (PD) controller with correction terms resulting from a fast-online estimation of the system dynamics was designed. The overall controller, known as intelligent PD (i-PD) controller, was tested, and the obtained results were compared with those of a classic PD controller. The controllers were also tested in a changing environment and at different operating velocities. The results confirmed the effectiveness of the i-PD controller to smooth the motions with low computational cost control schemes. Furthermore, thanks to ability of the i-PD controller to continually update the estimated dynamics of the system, it showed a better reduction in both vertical motions and the seasickness level of the passengers with the needed robustness under external disturbances and system changing parameters.


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Received date:2017-03-20;Accepted date:2017-11-03。
Corresponding author:Mounia Ticherfatine,m.ticherfatine@gmail.com
Last Update: 2018-10-11