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 Yongjun Chen,Dagang Zhang.Response-based Analysis for Tension Leg Platform[J].Journal of Marine Science and Application,2017,(1):87-92.[doi:10.1007/s11804-017-1390-1]
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Response-based Analysis for Tension Leg Platform


Response-based Analysis for Tension Leg Platform
Yongjun Chen Dagang Zhang
Yongjun Chen Dagang Zhang
DMAR Engineering, Inc., Houston, Texas, 77094 USA
response-based designlong-term responseshort-term responsedeepwaterfloating platformtension leg platform
The typical industry practice for Tension Leg Platform (TLP) design focuses on a conventional short-term design recipe, which assumes that an N-year design environment leads to an N-year response. In the response-based design method, the TLP is designed to withstand N-year responses rather than respond to N-year environmental conditions. In this paper, we present an overview and a general procedure for the response-based design method and use a case study to compare the critical TLP responses between the two methods. The results of our comparison show that the conventional short-term design method often contains an element of conservatism and that the response-based design method can reduce the design conditions and thereby achieve cost savings.


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Received date:2016-03-01;Accepted date:2016-10-08。
Corresponding author:Yongjun Chen,Email:ychen@dmar-engr.com
Last Update: 2017-03-25