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 G. Subramanian,G. T. Parthiban,K. Muthuraman,et al.Galvanic Corrosion Behaviour of HE 20/MDN 138 & HE 20/MDN 250 Alloys in Natural Seawater[J].Journal of Marine Science and Application,2016,(3):343-348.[doi:10.1007/s11084-016-1375-0]
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Galvanic Corrosion Behaviour of HE 20/MDN 138 & HE 20/MDN 250 Alloys in Natural Seawater


Galvanic Corrosion Behaviour of HE 20/MDN 138 & HE 20/MDN 250 Alloys in Natural Seawater
G. Subramanian1 G. T. Parthiban2 K. Muthuraman2 P. Ramakrishna rao3
G. Subramanian1 G. T. Parthiban2 K. Muthuraman2 P. Ramakrishna rao3
1. Offshore Platform & Marine Electrochemistry Centre, CSIR-CECRI Unit, Harbour Area, Tuticorin-628004, India;
2. CSIR-Central Electrochemical Research Institute, Karaikudi-630003, India;
3. Defence Research Development Laboratory, Hyderabad, India
MDN 138MDN 250HE 20galvanic corrosionnatural seawateraluminium alloy
In view of their excellent mechanical properties, workability and heat treatment characteristics, MDN 138 & MDN 250 have been widely used in missile, rocket and aerospace industries. With light weight and high performance characteristics HE 20 aluminium alloy acts as an important material in defence and aerospace applications. The galvanic corrosion behaviour of the metal combinations HE 20/MDN 138 and HE 20/MDN 250, with 1:1 area ratio, has been studied in natural seawater using the open well facility of CECRI’s Offshore Platform at Tuticorin for a year. The open circuit potentials of MDN 138, MDN 250 and HE 20 of the individual metal, the mixed potential and galvanic current of the couples HE 20/MDN 138 and HE 20/MDN 250 were periodically monitored throughout the study period. The calcareous deposits on MDN 138 and MDN 250 were analysed using XRD. The results of the study reveal that that HE 20 has offered required amount of protection to MDN 138 & MDN 250.


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Received date: 2016-4-16;Accepted date: 2016-5-23。
Corresponding author: G. Subramanian,E-mail:cgscorr@yahoo.co.in
Last Update: 2016-09-02