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 Onakoya Rasheed Alaba,T. C. Nwaoha,M. O. Okwu.Enabling a Viable Technique forthe Optimization of LNG Carrier Cargo Operations[J].Journal of Marine Science and Application,2016,(3):242-249.[doi:10.1007/s11804-016-1368-4]
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Enabling a Viable Technique forthe Optimization of LNG Carrier Cargo Operations


Enabling a Viable Technique forthe Optimization of LNG Carrier Cargo Operations
Onakoya Rasheed Alaba1 T. C. Nwaoha2 M. O. Okwu3
Onakoya Rasheed Alaba1 T. C. Nwaoha2 M. O. Okwu3
1. Nigeria LNG Ship Management Limited, PMB 5660, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria;
2. Department of Marine Engineering, Federal University of Petroleum Resources, P.M.B. 1221, Effurun, Delta State, Nigeria;
3. Department of Mechanical Engineering, Federal University of Petroleum Resources, P.M.B. 1221, Effurun, Delta State, Nigeria
analytic hierarchy process(AHP)OptimizationLNG carrier cargoprecautionssafety
In this study, we optimizethe loading and discharging operations of theLiquefied Natural Gas (LNG) carrier. First, we identify the required precautions for LNG carrier cargo operations. Next, we prioritize these precautions using the analytic hierarchy process(AHP)and experts’ judgments, in order to optimize the operationalloading and discharging exercises of the LNG carrier, prevent system failure and human error, and reduce the risk of marine accidents. Thus, the objective of our study is to increase the level of safety during cargo operations.


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Received date: 2016-2-1;Accepted date: 2016-2-28。
Corresponding author: M. O. Okwu,E-mail:nwaoha.thaddeus@fupre.edu.ng;T. C. Nwaoha,thaddeus_cn@yahoo.co.uk
Last Update: 2016-09-02