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 Amit Kumar,Mangey Ram.Performance of Marine Power Plant Given Generator, Main and Distribution Switchboard Failures[J].Journal of Marine Science and Application,2015,(4):450-458.[doi:10.1007/s11804-015-1335-5]
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Performance of Marine Power Plant Given Generator, Main and Distribution Switchboard Failures


Performance of Marine Power Plant Given Generator, Main and Distribution Switchboard Failures
Amit Kumar Mangey Ram
Amit Kumar Mangey Ram
Department of Mathematics, Graphic Era University, Dehradun 248002, India
marine engineeringmarine power plant (MPP)Markov processmain switchboards (MSB)distribution switchboards (DSB)sensitivity analysisreliability theory
Power generation is one of the most essential functions of any plant for continuous functioning without any interruption. A marine power plant (MPP) is the same section. In the present paper, the authors have tried to find the various reliability characteristics of an MPP. A marine power plant which is a composition of two generators and in which one of them is located at the stern and another at the bow, both associated to the main switchboard (MSB). The distribution switchboards (DSB) receive power from the MSB through cables and their respective junctions. Given that arrangement, a working based transition state diagram has been generated. With the help of the Markov process, a number of intro-differential equations are formed and solved by Laplace transform. Various reliability characteristics are calculated and discussed with the help of graphs.


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