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 Smrutiranjan Mohapatra.Scattering of Surface Waves by the Edge of a Small Undulation on a Porous Bed in an Ocean with Ice-cover[J].Journal of Marine Science and Application,2014,(2):167-172.[doi:10.1007/s11804-014-1241-2]
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Scattering of Surface Waves by the Edge of a Small Undulation on a Porous Bed in an Ocean with Ice-cover


Scattering of Surface Waves by the Edge of a Small Undulation on a Porous Bed in an Ocean with Ice-cover
Smrutiranjan Mohapatra
Smrutiranjan Mohapatra
Department of Mathematics, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai 400019, India
porous bed ice-cover surface waves bottom undulation Green’s function perturbation technique reflection and transmission coefficients
Scattering of surface waves by the edge of a small undulation on a porous bed in an ocean of finite depth, where the free surface has an ice-cover being modelled as an elastic plate of very small thickness, is investigated within the framework of linearized water wave theory. The effect of surface tension at the surface below the ice-cover is neglected. There exists only one wave number propagating at just below the ice-cover. A perturbation analysis is employed to solve the boundary value problem governed by Laplace’s equation by a method based on Green’s integral theorem with the introduction of appropriate Green’s function and thereby evaluating the reflection and transmission coefficients approximately up to first order. A patch of sinusoidal ripples is considered as an example and the related coefficients are determined.


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