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 Evgeny I. Veremey.Dynamical Correction of Control Laws for Marine Ships’ Accurate Steering[J].Journal of Marine Science and Application,2014,(2):127-133.[doi:10.1007/s11804-014-1250-1]
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Dynamical Correction of Control Laws for Marine Ships’ Accurate Steering


Dynamical Correction of Control Laws for Marine Ships’ Accurate Steering
Evgeny I. Veremey
Evgeny I. Veremey
Computer Applications and Systems Department, Saint Petersburg University, 198504, Russia
marine ships control law dynamical corrector accurate steering autopilot sea wave
The objective of this work is the analytical synthesis problem for marine vehicles autopilots design. Despite numerous known methods for a solution, the mentioned problem is very complicated due to the presence of an extensive population of certain dynamical conditions, requirements and restrictions, which must be satisfied by the appropriate choice of a steering control law. The aim of this paper is to simplify the procedure of the synthesis, providing accurate steering with desirable dynamics of the control system. The approach proposed here is based on the usage of a special unified multipurpose control law structure that allows decoupling a synthesis into simpler particular optimization problems. In particular, this structure includes a dynamical corrector to support the desirable features for the vehicle’s motion under the action of sea wave disturbances. As a result, a specialized new method for the corrector design is proposed to provide an accurate steering or a trade-off between accurate steering and economical steering of the ship. This method guaranties a certain flexibility of the control law with respect to an actual environment of the sailing; its corresponding turning can be realized in real time onboard.


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Partially supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research (Research project No. 14-07-00083a).
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