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 Fifi N.M. Elwekeel,Qun Zheng and Antar M.M. Abdala.Heat Transfer and Friction Characteristics in Rectangular Channel using Different Coolants[J].Journal of Marine Science and Application,2013,(4):484-492.[doi:10.1007/s11804-013-1220-z]
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Heat Transfer and Friction Characteristics in Rectangular Channel using Different Coolants


Heat Transfer and Friction Characteristics in Rectangular Channel using Different Coolants
Fifi N.M. Elwekeel Qun Zheng and Antar M.M. Abdala
Fifi N.M. Elwekeel Qun Zheng and Antar M.M. Abdala
College of Power and Energy Engineering, Harbin Engineering University, Harbin 150001, China
heat transfer rib roughness mist rectangular channel shear stress transport
Several industrial applications such as electronic devices, heat exchangers, gas turbine blades, etc. need cooling processes. The internal cooling technique is proper for some applications. In the present work, computational simulations were made using ANSYS CFX to predict the improvements of internal heat transfer in the rectangular ribbed channel using different coolants. Several coolants such as air, steam, air/mist and steam/mist were investigated. The shear stress transport model (SST) is selected by comparing the standard k-ω and Omega Reynolds Stress (ωRS) turbulence models with experimental results.The results indicate that the heat transfer coefficients are enhanced in the ribbed channel while injecting small amounts of mist. The heat transfer coefficients of air/mist, steam and steam/mist increase by 12.5%, 49.5% and 107% over that of air, respectively. Furthermore, in comparison to air, the air/mist heat transfer coefficient enhances by about 1.05 to 1.14 times when the mist mass fraction increases from 2% to 8%, respectively. The steam/mist heat transfer coefficient increases by about 1.12 to 1.27 times higher than that of steam over the considered range of mist mass fraction.


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