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 Yang Liu,Mei Meng,Shuang Liu.Layout Design-Based Research on Optimization and Assessment Method for Shipbuilding Workshop[J].Journal of Marine Science and Application,2013,(2):152-162.[doi:10.1007/s11804-013-1180-3]
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Layout Design-Based Research on Optimization and Assessment Method for Shipbuilding Workshop


Layout Design-Based Research on Optimization and Assessment Method for Shipbuilding Workshop
Yang Liu Mei Meng Shuang Liu
Yang Liu Mei Meng Shuang Liu
1. College of Shipbuilding Engineering, Harbin Engineering University, Harbin, China 2. COSCO(Dalian)Shipyard Co., Ltd.
visual parametric model steel processing workshop layout optimization design improved genetic algorithm assessment methods optimization algorithm shipbuilding workshop
The research study proposes to examine a three-dimensional visualization program, emphasizing on improving genetic algorithms through the optimization of a layout design-based standard and discrete shipbuilding workshop. By utilizing a steel processing workshop as an example, the principle of minimum logistic costs will be implemented to obtain an ideological equipment layout, and a mathematical model. The objectiveness is to minimize the total necessary distance traveled between machines. An improved control operator is implemented to improve the iterative efficiency of the genetic algorithm, and yield relevant parameters. The Computer Aided Tri-Dimensional Interface Application (CATIA) software is applied to establish the manufacturing resource base and parametric model of the steel processing workshop. Based on the results of optimized planar logistics, a visual parametric model of the steel processing workshop is constructed, and qualitative and quantitative adjustments then are applied to the model. The method for evaluating the results of the layout is subsequently established through the utilization of AHP. In order to provide a mode of reference to the optimization and layout of the digitalized production workshop, the optimized discrete production workshop will possess a certain level of practical significance.


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Supported by "Twelve Five" pre-research project under Grant No. J010712042.
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