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 Qiang Chen and Jianbo Liu.Analysis of Shape and General Arrangement for a UUV[J].Journal of Marine Science and Application,2011,(1):121-126.
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Analysis of Shape and General Arrangement for a UUV


Analysis of Shape and General Arrangement for a UUV
Qiang Chen and Jianbo Liu
Qiang Chen and Jianbo Liu
1. Unit 92537 of PLA, Beijing 100161, China 2. Naval Equipment Department, Beijing 100161, China
UUV shape collective layout
The construction and shape of UUVs are described in the paper. UUV design is the shape of the overall design of unmanned underwater vehicle should first be resolved UUV underwater vehicle directly affects the shape of the resistance and noise, which is related to energy, payload, maneuverability and concealment UUV problem The main characteristic and parameter tables for foreign torpedo shape, flat shape and anomalous shape are also given in the paper. The general layout of typical foreign UUVs is analyzed in detail. And the total layout figure and interior constructive figure are introduced. Torpedo-type because of its good water power and low noise, no one has been the main form of underwater vehicle-like, and many designers are now highly favored because of its stable performance, anti-environmental interference capability. Other irregular shapes designed primarily for the completion of a specific task, according to the specific environment and mission requirements. According to comparing and summarizing, some suggestions and conclusions are presented.


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