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 Fang Wang,Lei Wan,Yu-min Su and Yu-ru Xu.AUV Modeling and Motion Control Strategy Design[J].Journal of Marine Science and Application,2010,(4):379-385.
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AUV Modeling and Motion Control Strategy Design


AUV Modeling and Motion Control Strategy Design
Fang Wang Lei Wan Yu-min Su and Yu-ru Xu
Fang Wang Lei Wan Yu-min Su and Yu-ru Xu
Key Lab of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, Harbin Engineering University, Harbin 150001, China
AUV general dynamic model hydrodynamics modeling simulation platform motion control

To provide a suitable model for AUV simulation and control purposes, a general nonlinear dynamic model including a novel thruster hydrodynamics model was derived. Based on the modeling method, the “AUV-XX” simulation platform was established to carry out fundamental tests on its motion characteristics, stability, and controllability. A motion control strategy consisting of both position and speed control in a horizontal plane was designed for different task assignments of underwater vehicles. Combined control of heave and pitch was adopted to compensate for the reduction of vertical tunnel thrusters when the vehicle is moving at a high speed. An improved S-surface controller based on the capacitor plate model was developed with flexible gain selections made possible by different forms of restricting the error and changing the rate of the error. Simulation results show that the derived general mathematical model together with simulation platform can provide a test bed for fundamental tests of motion control. Additionally, the capacitor plate model S-surface control shows a good performance in guiding the vehicle to achieve the desired position and speed with sufficient accuracy.


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