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 Pu-zhen Gao,Ting-hao Liu,Ting Yang and Si-chao Tan.Pressure Drop Fluctuations in Periodically Fluctuating Pipe Flow[J].Journal of Marine Science and Application,2010,(3):317.[doi:1671-9433(2010)03-0317-06]
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Pressure Drop Fluctuations in Periodically Fluctuating Pipe Flow


Pressure Drop Fluctuations in Periodically Fluctuating Pipe Flow
Pu-zhen Gao  Ting-hao Liu; Ting Yang and Si-chao Tan
Pu-zhen Gao  Ting-hao Liu; Ting Yang and Si-chao Tan
flow fluctuation pressure drop flow rate phase difference
Experiments were conducted to study characteristics of flow when flow is fluctuating. The experimental results showed a phase difference between the flow rate and the pressure drop fluctuations. This phase difference between the fluctuating flow rate and pressure drop was analyzed for laminar flow. Analysis showed that the phase difference changes with the period of the flow fluctuation, the pipe radius, the density and the dynamic viscosity of the liquid. Fluctuating pipe flow was then numerically simulated. Results of the numerical simulation were compared with theoretical values and experimental results. It was shown that, when the flow rate fluctuates with time as a sine wave, the pressure drop fluctuates with the same periodicity, and there is a phase difference between them.



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