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Applying the vantage PDMS to jack-up drilling ships


Applying the vantage PDMS to jack-up drilling ships
YIN Peng* CHEN Yuan-ming CUI Tong-kai WANG Zi-shen GONG Li-jiang and YU Xiang-fen
Vantage PDMS component database rate database bolt jack-up drilling ships
The plant design management system (PDMS) is an integrated application which includes a database and is useful when designing complex 3-D industrial projects. It could be used to simplify the most difficult part of a subsea oil extraction project—detailed pipeline design. It could also be used to integrate the design of equipment, structures, HVAC, E-ways as well as the detailed designs of other specialists. This article mainly examines the applicability of the Vantage PDMS database to pipeline projects involving jack-up drilling ships. It discusses the catalogue (CATA) of the pipeline, the spec-world (SPWL) of the pipeline, the bolt tables (BLTA) and so on. This article explains the main methods for CATA construction as well as problem in the process of construction. In this article, the authors point out matters needing attention when using the Vantage PDMS database in the design process and discuss partial solutions to these questions.


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