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 HUANG Hai-yan* and WANG De-yu.Static and dynamic collaborative optimization of ship hull structure[J].Journal of Marine Science and Application,2009,(1):77-82.
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Static and dynamic collaborative optimization of ship hull structure


Static and dynamic collaborative optimization of ship hull structure
HUANG Hai-yan* and WANG De-yu
HUANG Hai-yan* and WANG De-yu
State Key Laboratory of Ocean Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai 200030, China
collaborative optimization multi-island genetic algorithm static analysis dynamic analysis
The goal of this effort was to provide a static and dynamic collaborative optimization (CO) model for the design of ship hull structure. The CO model integrated with static, mode and dynamic analyses. In the system-level optimization model, a new objective function was advised, integrating all the subsystem-levels’ objective functions, so as to eliminate the effects of dimensions and magnitude order. The proposed CO architecture enabled multi-objectives of the system and subsystem-level to be considered at both levels during optimization. A bi-level optimization strategy was advised, using the multi-island genetic algorithm. The proposed model was demonstrated with a deck optimization problem of container ship stern. The analysis progress and results of example show that the CO strategy is not only feasible and reliable, but also well suited for use in actual optimization problems of ship design.


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