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 SUN Jian-hua WANG Wei YU Hai-yan.Turbine speed control system based on a fuzzy-PID[J].Journal of Marine Science and Application,2008,(4):0.
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Turbine speed control system based on a fuzzy-PID


Turbine speed control system based on a fuzzy-PID
SUN Jian-hua WANG Wei YU Hai-yan
SUN Jian-hua WANG Wei YU Hai-yan
SUN Jian-hua(Department of Control Science and Engineering,Hua Zhong University of Science and Technology,Wuhan 430074,China) WANG Wei,YU Hai-yan(Wuhan 2nd Ship Design and Research Institute,Wuhan 430064,China)
turbine speed control system fuzzy control PID control
The flexibility demand of marine nuclear power plant is very high,the multiple parameters of the marine nuclear power plant with the once-through steam generator are strongly coupled,and the normal PID control of the turbine speed can’t meet the control demand. This paper introduces a turbine speed Fuzzy-PID controller to coordinately control the steam pressure and thus realize the demand for quick tracking and steady state control over the turbine speed by using the Fuzzy control’s quick dynamic response and PID control’s steady state performance. The simulation shows the improvement of the response time and steady state performance of the control system.


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