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 XU Gang DUAN Wen-yang.Time-domain simulation for water wave radiation by floating structures (Part A)[J].Journal of Marine Science and Application,2008,(4):0.
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Time-domain simulation for water wave radiation by floating structures (Part A)


Time-domain simulation for water wave radiation by floating structures (Part A)
XU Gang DUAN Wen-yang
XU Gang DUAN Wen-yang
time domain simulation floating body IFBC MTF ARB
Direct time-domain simulation of floating structures has advantages: it can calculate wave pressure fields and forces directly;and it is useful for coupled analysis of floating structures with a mooring system. A time-domain boundary integral equation method is presented to simulate three-dimensional water wave radiation problems. A stable form of the integration free-surface boundary condition (IFBC) is used to update velocity potentials on the free surface. A multi-transmitting formula (MTF) method with an artificial speed is introduced to the artificial radiation boundary (ARB). The method was applied to simulate a semi-spherical liquefied natural gas (LNG) carrier and a semi-submersible undergoing specified harmonic motion. Numerical parameters such as the form of the ARB,and the time and space discretization related to this method are discussed. It was found that a good agreement can be obtained when artificial speed is between 0.6 and 1.6 times the phase velocity of water waves in the MTF method. A simulation can be done for a long period of time by this method without problems of instability,and the method is also accurate and computationally efficient.


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