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Design and implementation of a visual monitoring system to ensure safety in the water surrounding a container vessel


JIN Yong-xing WANG Ze-sheng CHEN Jin-biao BUPing
observation blind zone navigation safety ship security visual monitoring system
TE8 U49
Container vessels navigate among the world’s ports, frequently passing through narrow and congested waters. Due to the many layers of containers on a container vessel’s decks, it is difficult for the crew to be aware of all fishing vessels and other obstacles in a container vessel’s radar observation blind zone. This greatly increases the risk of collisions and other accidents. Given such great challenges to safe navigation and safety management with container vessels, their security risks are severe. An effective visual monitoring system can improve the safety of the water area surrounding container vessel by eliminating a vessel’s observation blind zone, providing an effective safety measure for vessels navigating fishing zones and other troublesome areas. The system has other functions, such as accident recording, ship security, and monitoring of loading and unloading operations, thus ensuring the ship operates safely. Six months’ trial operation showed that the system facilitates safe navigation of container vessels.


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