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 WANG Yan-ying.Discussion on the parameters of design waves[J].Journal of Marine Science and Application,2008,(3):0.
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Discussion on the parameters of design waves


Discussion on the parameters of design waves
WANG Yan-ying
WANG Yan-ying
ocean waves short-term distribution long-term distribution design waves
In order to respond the discredit on the design wave standard and to recommend new consideration on design wave parameters, based on the long-term distribution of statistic characteristics of waves and the short-term probability properties of sea state defined by giving the return period, the calculation of the return period, the height, the period, and the oceanic wave parameters of the design wave and the forecasting methods are discussed in this paper. To provide references for the operation reliability of floating structures in the extreme sea state, the method of determining the design wave parameters is resurveyed. A proposal is recommended that the design wave, which can be either significant wave with 500-year of the return period, or the maximum wave with 1/N of exceeding probability, 100-year of the return period, can be applied in the engineering design practice.


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