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Application of the VOF method based on unstructured quadrilateral mesh


Application of the VOF method based on unstructured quadrilateral mesh
JI Chun-ning SHI Ying
VOF unstructured quadrilateral mesh PLIC MLER
To simulate two-dimensional free-surface flows with complex boundaries directly and accurately, a novel VOF (Volume-of-fluid) method based on unstructured quadrilateral mesh is presented. Without introducing any complicated boundary treatment or artificial diffusion, this method treated curved boundaries directly by utilizing the inherent merit of unstructured mesh in fitting curves. The PLIC (Piecewise Linear Interface Calculation) method was adopted to obtain a second-order accurate linearized reconstruction approximation and the MLER (Modified Lagrangian-Eulerian Re-map) method was introduced to advect fluid volumes on unstructured mesh. Moreover, an analytical relation for the interface’s line constant vs. the volume clipped by the interface was developed so as to improve the method’s efficiency. To validate this method, a comprehensive series of large straining advection tests were performed. Numerical results provide convincing evidences for the method’s high volume conservative accuracy and second-order shape error convergence rate. Also, a dramatic improvement on computational accuracy over its unstructured triangular mesh counterpart is checked.


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