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Characteristics of a bubble jet near a vertical wall


Characteristics of a bubble jet near a vertical wall
ZHANG A-man YAO Xiong-liang LI Jia
bubble jet rigid wall boundary integral Bjerknes effect Blake criterion
A numerical model of a coupled bubble jet and wall was built on the assumption of potential flow and calculated by the boundary integral method. A three-dimensional computing program was then developed. Starting with the basic phenomenon of the interaction between a bubble and a wall, the dynamics of bubbles near rigid walls were studied systematically with the program. Calculated results agreed well with experimental results. The relationship between the Bjerknes effect of a wall and characteristic parameters was then studied and the calculated results of various cases were compared and discussed with the Blake criterion based on the Kelvin-impulse theory. Our analyses show that the angle of the jet’s direction and the pressure on the rigid wall have a close relationship with collapse force and the bubble’s characteristic parameters. From this, the application range of Blake criterion can be determined. This paper aims to provide a basis for future research on the dynamics of bubbles near a wall.


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国家自然科学基金,The Specialized Research Fund for theDoctoral Program of Higher Education of China,The Defence Advance Research Program of Science and Technology of Ship Industry,哈尔滨工程大学校科研和教改项目
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